Via Medium: Hey, cafes in Singapore …

Hey, cafes in Singapore …

Via Medium: “Presenting design” in Here at buUuk

“Presenting design” in Here at buUuk

Via Medium: “From simple shapes” in Here at buUuk

“From simple shapes” in Here at buUuk

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Sketching a short story

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Just sketching one page at a time.

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Inspiration to-do


It is important to use your hands. This is what distinguishes you from a cow or a computer operator.

— Paul Rand

An iOS7 animation experiment

Last week, I did a small exercise to play with the new layer animations in iOS7. I took the Spotify app and tried to create an alternate UI which would allow me to play with some new animations. The zoom out side menu is a concept that I saw some folks playing with on dribbble and I decided to take that as a starting point.


A few details:

  • The screen title moves when zooming out of the view so you can read it easily.
  • You pull the player down to see the history, and push it up to see your queued tracks.

The animation should explain more:

Scary times

I really enjoy creating stuff and design intrigues me like nothing else. For the past few years, I’ve been trying to grab any opportunity that allows me to spend as much of my time tinkering and exploring the range of design disciplines. I still feel a little uncomfortable calling myself a "designer".

I am still learning the basics of what makes up things that I love and how I can use it to create such stuff myself. I am still trying to learn about the building blocks of design as a general practice. Learning the ins and outs of creating gradients to make shiny stuff always felt way too specific, it never appealed to me and I always felt a bit lazy to spend too much time on it.

With the new iOS7, I feel designers won’t be able to rely much on pixel skills and will have to really understand how interactions create experiences that stand out and delight. This is scary to me. But I’m excited as well, even if only as a foolish kid who knows too little.

One thing is clear though. If you’ve called yourself an "iPhone UI designer" for the past half a decade – you’re already obsolete, because that UI doesn’t exist anymore.

This is brave

Designers are usually the most aware of the problems in their work, and I can imagine a bunch of them in Cupertino reading Twitter during the keynote saying, “I told you we had to fix that before we shipped!” Every time I assume a talented person isn’t painfully aware of the flaws in their work, I am wrong.

Frank Chimero’s thoughts on the new iOS7 beta release – which seems to have shipped in, well, a beta state. There’s all kinds of great about that actually. There is little sense in thinking that the talented guys at Apple don’t realize what they have shipped. Kudos to them for being so brave.